I published my first book in 2000 when I was challenged to have a book for a speaking engagement I wanted in Sacramento. It took me 5 months and I did it the most difficult possible way of writing: creating chapters from what I had already written. It was a great lesson.

mixingMy first book is Mixing It UP! The Entrepreneurs New Testament

I then learned how to create a book from writing an outline. My second book took me one week to write and one week to edit. But I went up o a cabin in Tahoe and spent the whole week writing.


Making a List and Checking it Twice

What Singles Need to Know

My third book took me nearly 3 1/2 years. I spent at least a week researching varioious types of jobs which could be started from a small base while creating at least $50,000 a year income for those who have been incarcerated.



Just Over Broke Syndrome

I reworked my third book for those who were employees who are in the throes of being layed off, downsized or capsized. There is a big difference for those who have always had a job and can be guided through the process of learning how to start their own business.


Be Your Own Boss Guide

My first children’s book came to me through a dream. I wrote out the dream in about an hour and spent about three years having the illustrations generated. The book is dedicated to children who have cancer and all the proceeds are dedicated to cancer research for children’s cancer programs


The Adventures of Master Pineapple

My next book was a break out book in the realm of the Law of Attraction and Spirituality. The book is dedicated to my brother who was my inspiration in many areas of my life.


Create Your Own Reality

The Ancient Wisdom

I wrote two books in one year in 2012. The first book came about because of my interest in Physiognomy. It is a science which was created in the 4th century by Aristotle.


About Face

Traits Tell Tales

I created to remove the negative emotion everyone is exposed to throughout their lives. It’s a part of living, but it interferes with being able to live your life without the influence of previous negative exposure.

nesting6x9NESTing Neuro Emotional antiSabotage Technique

My first book of poems was published in 2015. It is a culmination of experiences throughout my life. It includes a poem I received he highest award for poetry, the Poet Laurette.

reflections-wtypeReflections The Time of My Life

My next book is dedicated to all the children who have experienced challenges in their lives. It is rare anyone can live their lives without some leave of negative input but when the negativity hinders ones ability to live their lives in joy, then it needs to be addressed. This book addresses the methods in which children can be returned to the genius levels they were born with.

genius-frontbookcoverThe Genius Factor