Media Blasting Software
Use when you have a speaking engagement, release a new book, a radio/TV interview and any other time you want to announce information. This service is typically $350 by agencies for a one-time broadcast. They offer a free trial. The software including the full database is $199; with lifetime updates $249.

Speaking Resources
When I started speaking in 1992, I went to several speaking groups and became frustrated that it was so difficult to figure out how to advance my speaking expertise.
It is my firm belief that information should be shared. That is what this section is all about.
I have kept track of the many techniques that have helped me over the years, and I offer them to anyone else who readily seeks a more professional speaking career. 

Get the Sales You Want, Right Now
Want to sell more without increasing your ad budget? Want to learn how to rack up huge profits creating money making ads, flyers, websites, email or blogs? Now you can because my new book makes it EASY! Jim McCraigh, a long time friend and associate has put together a great guide for you to write the best copy. More information is available on the link to the right.H

This website is designed to Connect people who want to improve their lives with information, experts, products and services that can teach or show them how to do it. We do it with a large expert directory, through articles, products, a web directory, a discussion board, live chat, blogs, and much much more.
It provides everybody with a forum to communicate and discuss ideas to change their lives through our Blog, our Discussion Board and through our Chat Rooms.

Speakers Websites
Why would I send you to other speakers’ websites? I believe that there is no competition, only collaboration. These websites are filled with valuable resources and helpful information for speakers.