About Face 

The art of Physiognomy or interpreting faces goes back to Aristotle in 500 BC, but it was notarized by Judge Jones around 1950 when he realized that the true innocent had specific facial features. 

You can apply this technique to your new Social Media contacts and be able to establish a relationship rapidly. That will help you close more business more rapidly. You will be able to look at a picture and know immediately how to talk with each person based on their eyes, nose, chin, forehead and eyes. 

Imagine being able to tell how to structure your conversation with people when you first meet them to suit their ideal communications patterns. You could eliminate their discomfort of talking with someone new immediately.


beyourownbossguideBe Your Own Boss Guide

One of the most frightening occurrences we face is loosing our ability to provide for our families. When we are facing layoffs across the country, this is one of the most challenging times to be looking for a job. 

This presentation is designed to inspire the audience to look at their skills and match their personality with a the perfect business. Once someone has established themselves as an entrepreneur they are never subject to being laid off again.

The time they focus on their business is for their benefit and they reap the rewards of their efforts. It is especially beneficial for those who have children so they can have flexible schedules to be with their family.


blogifyBlogify Your Business

Your electronic journal is your communications tool to your prospects, clients and your fans. You might not have fans today, but you will after you have your Blog. I spent month learning how to create blogs that are ranked in the top 5% of all sites in the world. You will learn how to do so in just a few steps following this detailed presentation.

Keeping up your blog will take less than an hour a week and will gain you clients from all over the world. This is the fastest method of gaining global notoriety.


createyourownreality2Create Your Own Reality – 
The Ancient Wisdom

Our ancestors knew the secret of living their lives fulfilled and at harmony. What have we done to our way of living that creates the level of stress which is detrimental to our well being? You will discover a stronger process designed to create your sense of purpose and now you can regain control over your life.

If you’re tired of living your life as though everyday blends into to next and you never feel like you’re gaining any ground, you will discover a simple process which will guide you towards living your life in a peaceful sense of being.


createyourownreality2Create Your Own Reality for Unemployed
The Bad News is, You Have No Job!

The good news is, you can do whatever you want with the rest of your life! The process requires merely taking one step at a time. Isn’t it time to take control of your financial future and stop being subjected to the corporate structure?

What if you could create a business that will create more income than you ever earned on a job? This program is designed to encourage and stimulate those experiencing the onslaught of downsizing we have experienced since the 90s.


createyourownreality2Create Your Own Reality for Realtors

Realtors struggle to keep up their best attitudes and work schedule when there is so much bad news in the media. 

This program covers how realtors can create a workable business plan that will have them back on top of their game in six months or less!

When it comes to standing out as a realtor their are seven steps realtors can do to make sure they are not one of the struggling ones.


decoderring_The DeCoder Ring

Why do you suppose some succeed beyond normal expectations and others who constantly struggle to get by when they’re in the same industry? It has nothing to do with luck or even location of a business. It has everything to do with how each person utilizes the resources which are available to them.

It has to do with how well you can use the resources available to you in your community. This is a perfect presentation for entrepreneurs who are struggling with generating enough clients consistentlhy and the negative effects on their bottom line.


faceit-socialmediaFace It – Social Media is Here to Stay

Why do you need to use Social Media? Because if you don’t you’ll never be able to catch up with your competition! Whether you have your own business, you’re an employee or an author, Social Media is the fastest method available today for everyone to make the connections that will have them generate the level of business or the perfect job.

There is no mystery to Social Media and after this presentation, you’ll be prepared to tackle it on your own, with enthusiasm. You’ll learn how to build great relationships around the world and generate more business than you could imagine!


justoverbrokeJ.O.B.S. Just Over Broke Syndrome

There are more than a hundred businesses you can start from home with virtually little investment. Why work and just get by when you can work for yourself, receive the tax benefits and be rewarded for your efforts?
If you’re tired  of working at a job that barely pays your bills and makes you feel as though you’re wasting your skills, this is the perfect way of finding out how you can incorporate what you enjoy with what you can do to earn your income.


makingalistMaking a List & Checking it Twice

What Singles Need to Know! 
By prioritizing your choices for your potential mate, you are more likely to find an ideal life partner. Most people spend more time choosing the car they’re going to buy than what they want in their personal relationship. 

Then once they begin dating someone, the slowly realize the difficulties they face when engaging a partner when they have little in common. This presentation is designed to open up the possibility to have a relationship that will develop into being with your best friend.


masterplanThe Master Plan 

This is designed to take an entrepreneur from any stage of their business to major levels of increased productivity and profitability. It is mandatory to evaluate your business skills to develop the most ideal results in their business.

Whether it’s improving cash flow, time management or any of the nine components operating a successful business, you’ll be amazed with your results when applying these techniques on a consistent basis. Within a few short months you will move from struggling in your business to Mastering your business.


mixingMixing It Up! The Entrepreneurs New Testament

Make business and social event more productive and get clients everywhere you go. Learn the process that is within your comfort zone, not what everyone else tells you to do!
You will learn how to build relationships that will have you getting more business referred to you and have more fun with your business than ever before.


nesting6x9Neuro-emotional anti-Saborage Technique – NESTing

This book is designed to help you find the resources to remove every negative emotion you have ever been exposed to by your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, relationships, church, media and all others exposures everyone of us is bombarded with over our lifetime!

These negative inputs keep us from living the live we deserve. The keep us from being who we are meant to be and chain us to a sense of false reality which never supports us in our path to living a fulfilled life.

You can let go of the fear of flying, speaking, meeting new people, finding the love of your life, crossing a bridge or even simply discovering your true passions in life!

You will finally have the tools and techniques to be who you are meant to be!


sailingSailing Your Entrepreneurship 

Do you have what it takes to start a business? Discover the steps required to start a business and whether you have what it takes to make a success your own business. You’ll learn the types of businesses that are perfect for your personality and how you can gain 50% of your business strictly through referrals.
When 90% of all businesses fail in the U.S. today, you need to take advantage of every concept that is available to you.



The number one fear, according to the Book of Lists, is public speaking! Yet what would your business be like if you could get at least two new clients simply by speaking once a week? 

Imagine being invited to organizations and sharing your expertise. You would rapidly be recognized as an expert in your field. It will increase your credibility and gain you more clients faster than nearly anything else you do.


sos-2Strategy Outweighs Scarcity 

Do you remember playing musical chairs? Have you ever thought of the lessons that game represents? There’s never enough to go around! 

So is that your reality? What if you discovered how you could always have more than enough? Would you continue to operate your life the same way you are currently? What would be the first thing you would change? It only takes one change at a time to alter the course of your entire life!


streetsmart-coverStreet Smart Sales 
The Seven Aspects of Sales

Learn the personality recognition techniques that will have you closing business in 50% less time! You will learn how to recognize the words that people use on the phone and know how they process information.

When you meet in person, you will recognize facial traits that will have you moving towards your close much more rapidly. This is an ideal concept for professional sales consultants and entrepreneurs.


uincU, Inc. 

Why are some people successful while others seem to have a lifetime struggle? Invest time and resources in yourself; the return will be amazing! The more you fine tune your skills, the more productive you will be. The more productive you are, the more profitable you can become. 
The challenge most people have is they spend so much time being busy they forget to spend quality time with the people care about. Investing in yourself allows you to have more to invest in others.


yourrighttowriteYour Right to Write

Learn how to get published in newspapers, magazines and trade publications. Then learn how to take those articles and create a book. Gain credibility in your business community through the written word.

When you create ten articles you have the basis for a book. When you are facing stiff competition, the book puts you ahead of the pack. Your book will give you more credibility and raise your visibility in your community