Training Programs

When I first started organizing leads groups in the 1990s, I realized most entrepreneurs had to wing it! They had no training in the business of being in business. I looked to see what could have the most impact on their successes with the least amount of effort and came up with several training programs to help them develop the level of business they would be the most comfortable.

For some, it was the amount of business they could develop. Others wanted to work less and achieve more. While others wanted to be a part of a community. No matter what their preferences, I was able to guide them through these training programs to help them work as few hours and gain as much success as they wanted.

The programs include:

  • Author’s Training Programs
  • Blogify Your Business
  • SpeakEasy
  • Street Smart Sales
  • Your Right to Write

In addition, there are about 35 individual audio programs that include all the necessary skills one needs to master to develop the level of business acumen they choose.