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7 Techniques to Thrive in Any Economy

Most entrepreneurs start their business because they’re passionate about what they’re doing or they’ve always felt they had something better to offer their clients. But they rarely take vital training to become a successful business owner.
If you consistently apply these 7 Techniques, your business will Thrive in any economy or economic environment. Until you have 10% more profitability than you need to be comfortable, and 6 months of operating capital in cash, you need to spend no less than 30% of your time marketing your business and following these simple steps to stay successful. Worksheet included

About Face – Traits Tell Tales

The art of Physiognomy or interpreting faces goes back to Aristotle in 500 BC, but it was notarized by Judge Jones in the 1930s, who realized that the those who were innocent had specific facial features as much as those who were guilty have recognizable traits. Judge Jones kept a record and was 90% correct in his prediction of who was guilty when they first entered his courtroom.

You will learn how pace your conversations with people you’ve just met to make people more comfortable quickly. You’ll be able to engage with them as though you have been friends for years. The results will be for you to be able to increase your sales stats while reducing your ratios, selling more with less time. You will find you have more fun meeting new people as well.

Imagine being able to tell how to structure your conversation with people when you first meet them to suite their comfort. You will build rapport with your prospects and even personal relationships by understanding the traits they possess on their face. Worksheet included



About Time

Time is the one thing we can not replace, but is the one thing we value and most often wasted!
What if you could generate an extra hour a day, five hours a week? What would you do with the extra time? What if you could learn how to become more efficient in the tasks you are required to conduct to operate your business? Can you imagine what you would do if you gained an extra day every week? Would you spend the time doing additional marketing, relationship building or even spending your extra time with your family?
About Time will allow you to learn amazing efficiency skills and techniques to help you become more organized. These skills will help you create the time to become more profitable, efficient and even more relaxed just by applying these simple techniques!
Worksheet included

Affiliates and Blogs

This might seem to be an odd combination but imagine you could create relationships with those who write blogs and can refer you business every single day just by creating a relationship with them through their blogs.
I have been able to use these techniques to gain high ranking visibility very rapidly on my blogs. I have used social media sites to find potential Affiliates and have gained even more of an audience through personal referral resources I’ve developed over the years.
This is an excellent method to propel your blog to go viral with more visibility more rapidly than most other marketing techniques.
When the Affiliate Blogs traffic grows, so will yours. You will be pleasantly surprised how their blog will pull you along with their successful strategies. Worksheet included

Back of the Room Sales

It is one thing to create a stage presence and have words of wisdom to share with your audience, yet quite another to be able to create a frenzy of sales based on your products being sold to your new fans.
You will want your audience to take your knowledge home with them so they will be reminded of your well thought out presentation.
This program will guide you through the techniques the most professionals have mastered and how they make it appear to be so effortless. You will discover the strategies to can use comfortably and how to apply these techniques while you’re speaking.
You will learn what you can do to drastically increase your Back of the Room Sales and appear to be as comfortable with the process as all of your speaking heroes.

Worksheet included
Be Your Own Boss

This program is for all those who are sick and tired of working at a job they don’t like and yet your are barely getting by every month or worse yet, finding yourself with less in your pocket each month than you had the month before.
You will discover your skills and your passions can be merged into the most perfect business which will generate more income in half the time than you’ve been earning working a full-time job. Plus, you’ll gain the freedom to work the hours you choose and spend time with your family instead of commuting to a job that doesn’t support you in the fashion you deserve! Worksheet included

Blogify Your Business

In today’s competitive business world, it is important for all entrepreneurs to generate a broad spectrum of marketing techniques.
It is vital for all businesses to generate new clients from as many sources as possible, always looking for and tracking what works for them specifically.
When people write about their business through a blog, individuals from all over the world are able to find the blog and engage with the blogger.
Even if you are not comfortable writing or feel you have the time to write consistently, you learn how to have fresh new content consistently and keep your audience coming back for more! Worksheet included


Creating Products

Creating your own products will allow you to speak for free anywhere you find an audience who are made of of ideal clients for you and still walking away with an average of $100 to $500 an hour.
What knowledge would you want your audience to take home with them? Hearing you speak will encourage an average of 10 to 20% of your audience to want to have access to your message again and again.
With today’s technology, you can use your own computer to record your intellectual property and this program will help guide you through the entire process including how to create jacket covers with attractive covers. Worksheet included
Decoder Ring

Entrepreneurs do not have to struggle to be successful once the discover the steps that it takes to be more productive, more profitable and with less time and funds.
You will learn the processes that have been proven over a 20 year process with more than 2,500 small businesses. This includes step-by-step processes for you to easily learn the easiest methods to take your business to a level of success you have always dreamed, whether you are a start-up or have been in business for many years.
Business acumen changes with time and this program will help you discover the easiest processes for you to have the control over your business you deserve.
This program will save you many hours and even years!
Worksheet included

Ezines Made Easy

One of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients and prospects to remind them what your expertise skills are is through a monthly or quarterly ezine.
You can develop topics they want to hear about and tickle new ideas to form a closer alliance with your database.
This program will teach you how to create a dynamic newsletter that will make you stand out among your competition.
Even if you have no idea how to create a newsletter, this program will guide you through each and every step of the process. Worksheet included


Face it . . . Social Media is Here to Stay!

Everyone knows social media is here to stay! How you use it is up to you! When you learn how to create meaningful relationships through all the platforms will change how you do business forever.
It takes discipline and an organized plan but within a few short weeks you will be able to build Power Partner Relationships that will have you getting more referred business that you could imagine.
Each platform takes a different approach will require you to develop an understanding of how people perceive your value. When you know how to present your expertise you will be able to develop relationships better than you have ever done before. Worksheet included


Internet Marketing

It used to be you called your local newspaper or phone and placed an ad. Today newspapers and phone directory advertising never produce results.
Internet Marketing is a mystery to most entrepreneur, but this program will make it easy for you navigate the complexities of today’s marketing procedures. You’ll discover simple methods of getting your business visible in your community and know where your potential prospects are more likely to be.
This will make marketing second nature for you and the success of your business.
Worksheet included


Joint Ventures

This unique concept will help you develop more business with less effort. Once you realize how easy it is to create relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.
There are several avenues you can pursue to instigate programs that will have business flowing your way in no time at all.
The process will be made clear through this program and in no time at all you’ll feel like an expert.
The benefit of using Joint Ventures is being able to get to know others who are amazing entrepreneurs. Worksheet included

Master Plan

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!” Benjamin Franklin
Entrepreneurs get so busy taking care of details they find it’s difficult to find the time to plan what could happen the next week, let alone the next month. Yet the secret to success is having a plan and sticking to it.
This program will teach you how to set a budget, determine when a client is profitable enough to retain them, how to market based on your industry, how to hire the right employees who you can count on, how to increase your productivity, unique sales skills and even how to create records to keep track of your cash flow.
You’ll enjoy learning these processes at your own speed. Worksheet included

Mixing it Up!
The Entrepreneur’s New Testament

Whether you’ve been in business for years or a brand new start-up you will discover a great recipe for your personal entrepreneurial success.
After starting my own business during the first Gulf War and nearly all business came to a grinding halt, I had to re-invent my whole approach to managing my business. I increased my sales more than 3 ½ times in the next three years.
Several people asked me to share my secrets and then I started sharing the all the techniques with them through leads groups I started. I worked with more than 2,500 of which 90% were still in business after 20 years.
This program will teach you the intricacies of discovering how to create the success for your own business. Worksheet included

Organize Your Business

Being organized can seem like a bother but in actuality it will help you become more profitable and save you more time than you can imagine.
Everything has a place and when it’s in that place you never have to worry about trying to find it. You can increase your productivity by as much as 25%. Then you can apply that time to what makes you more profitable.
There’s a time for everything. When you learn what time you spend in your marketing, sales and closing business you will find it amazingly easy to have the level of success you deserve. Worksheet included

Pocket Business Plan

This program will help you have every aspect of directing your business all on one sheet of paper. You will be able to track all your activities from Marketing, Sales, Meetings, Expenses and all the rest of your activities. It will make your year-end reporting much easier.
You’ll no longer have to search through scraps of paper to find your receipts, records of your appointments and always have your weekly goals available readily.
You will become more organized and more profitable in less time than you can imagine.
This program will increase your awareness of what it takes to keep you on track for every aspect of your business from accounting to reporting. Worksheet included

Podcasts Made Easy

What if you could talk to multiple prospects simultaneously and do it from the comfort of your home?
This program will take you through each and every step it will take you to be successful in creating a podcast whether it’s daily, weekly or even once a month.
When you reach out to an audience who will include your prospects, Power Partners and even media, you will gain more recognition for being a professional in your industry. You will be able to develop a following who will be anxious to hear from you and even develop a great referral base. Worksheet included


Strategy Outweighs Scarcity

The concept of starting a business is intriguing when you’ve come from a demanding job that just barely covered your expenses every month.
Most people are able to achieve success with their new found enthusiasm but once that wears down a bit they realize it takes a lot more to succeed than enthusiasm.
In this program you will learn the Strategies that will help you develop a level of success consistently. It will take planning and carefully building relationships as well as creating processes to make sure of your success.
If you develop a strategy to support the constant growth you’ll need for your business then you can create the level success you want and be in control of your future. Worksheet included

Street Smart Sales

I was one of those people who would squirm around a salesperson. I knew I never had a chance because they were so good at manipulating people into doing what they wanted just so they could make a commission.
Then I became one!
I discovered, because I was so sensitive to the buyer’s point of view, a method to recognize personalities and how to talk with their comfort levels. I also realized a good salesperson doesn’t sell “to” someone but provides what people need.
I created this course to help salespeople recognize a unique concept in sales and helped them generate no less than 25% to 50% better results than they had ever had previously.
This course will help you learn how you can not only become comfortable with the sales process, but you’ll discover a passion for being in sales. Worksheet included


Top Ten Techniques to Increase Website Rankings

There are about 1.8 billion websites. How will you get your website noticed?
You will discover how to get your website in the top 10 rankings on Google. The process is simple to follow even if you’ve never had any experience with websites.
This will take less than an hour a week to keep your website easy to find and in the top rankings of all websites in your industry.
This program includes workshop check list Worksheet included


U, Inc.

It’s what you invest in yourself that will get you through the tough times and the challenges you will inevitably face.
Knowing who you are and what you are truly made of gives you the strength to get through anything.
Taking classes, reading books, saying positive affirmations and anything else that makes you feel confident and capable in any situation in your life, can help you understand just how strong you truly are.
You will learn how to develop processes to help you create the skills you will need to not only survive anything in your life but how you can become the example for others to help them get through their difficulties as well. Worksheet included


Website Editing

The task of editing your own website can be daunting to say the least. When you learn how easy it can be you’ll realize, like everything else, it’s just something new to learn.
Editing your website is as easy as editing a Word doc when you have the right tools.
Editing an existing page is very easy and even creating a new page will be easy for you with this detailed step-by-step program.
Bonus: Setting up your Word Press site. Worksheet included