Author Training

Writing your book is one of the most challenging projects most people ever attempt. I’ve met people who have taken as much as 5 to 20 years writing their books who have never been able to get their book published!

I’ve met authors who managed to get contracts to work with well known publishers who never made more than $35,000/yr and worked 60 hours a week! I also know authors who had to buy all their books back from the main stream books stores and were forced to come up with more than $100,000 to take possession of them in 10 days.

Once your books is written and edited by at least two or three editors, it is your job to learn market it to the proper channels that will bring you the biggest audience with the best return.

You will be able to make $100,000 a year by applying just three of any of the Marketing concepts and you’ll have tools to help you save you hours of trial and errors.

There are many short cuts you’ll learn through this process and the video guides and links will make it easy for you to manage you book marketing.

You can choose between the independent Author Program for $3,000 or the guided program with weekly consulting for $6,000.

My promise to you is you will be able to make a full time income working part time through the passion of your book.

Phase 1 Pre Press Phase 2 Marketing 
Welcome   1-Bookstore Signing 
  2-ISBN Int’l Book Number   2-Media Training 
  3-Outline   3-Radio Interview
  4-Website Design   4-Radio Host
  5-Book Cover & Format Design   5-Educational Interview Series 
  6-Virtual Assistants   6-Book Marketing Campaign 
  7-Inclusion/Permission Letter   7-Push Letter 
  8-Capture Page   8-Teleseminars 
  9-Social Media   9-Coaching Program 
10-Formatting/Editing 10-Joint Ventures 
11-Printing 11-Affiliate Programs 
12-OnLine Bookstores  12-List Building 
13-Library of Congress 13-Membership Sites 
14-Copyright 14-Continuity Program 
15-Public Relations 15-Web Presence 
16-Press Releases 16-Podcasts 
17-Book Reviews 17-Book Sponsorship 
18-Merchant Account 18-Distribution 
19-Article Submission 19-Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) 
20-Bonus Material & Links 20-Speaking 
21-Creating Programs 
22-Audio Programs 
23-Bonus Material