Missing You

I wrote this poem for a friend of my brother Tony who lost his partner who was in his early 30’s. The poem was published and received “Poet Laureate” and was published through an international poetry contest in 2012.

Recently it was published at the Festival for Poetry website. https://festivalforpoetry.com/2021/10/16/read-poem-missing-you-by-sharyn-abbott/

Missing You

To easy my heart, I shed these tears of sorrow
What once was, now memories for tomorrow

Holding on to what could have, should have been by chance
Yearning for your tender touch, your caress, a familiar glance

I am left alone surrounded by this devastating desire
In a world gone still with emptiness of what you inspired

Knowing there should have been so much more
Had we had the time our hearts had planned for

If given one last chance to share with one another
To have one more moment to hold on to each other

How can it be a life so young with much yet to give?
Should be over with the light gone from which to live?

Please tell me how to ease this mournful pain
Of what transpires will fill this void again?

I walk away, never alone, my heart filled with sorrow
What should have been, now memories for tomorrow