Street Smart Sales

I have worked with entrepreneurs, bankers, mortgage brokers, realtors and sales teams from nearly every industry.

The one thing that has been consistent is the ability to take a good sales person and turn them into a great sales person.

Every company struggles with the 80/20 rule. They have 20% of their sales team producing 80% of their sales. No one has been able to figure out how to over come the inevitability of the numbers.

Yet when I have worked with the sales team, I teach them personality recognition techniques: how to recognize a driver, analytical, expressive or amiable personality. Then how do you talk to each one? Do you talk fast or slow; do you engage them in long detailed conversations or get to the point? You’ll even learn how close to stand with them physically and if it is alright to touch them. These are make it or break it behaviors when you are talking with a decision maker.

Then add to the personality recognition the ability to look at someone’s face and know without a doubt, exactly how to community with each person within the first 30 seconds you’ve met.

This will put your team above all of your competition and change your numbers for 80/20 top 80% of your sales team producing 80% of your sales with an increase of 50, 100 and even as much as 500% in sales within six to 12 months.

You can turn your entire team into champions with this amazing concept.

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