Mixing It UP!


Networking is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to build a business. Yet most entrepreneurs miss out on the opportunity of networking for two reasons. They aren’t aware of it or they have a fear of walking into a room filled with strangers to mingle with them. 

 You will learn how to: 

 Turn fear of strangers into enjoyable experiences 
 Build a Power Partner network for referrals 
 Grow your business faster by speaking about it 
 Develop business while minimizing the stress 
 Gain control of your quality of life issues 

Chapters Include:

Preparing for the Event
Power Partners
Attending with a Purpose
Following the Source
Legendary Leads Groups
Business Etiquette
Optimum Organizing
The Time of Your Life
The Platitude is Attitude
Your Community
The Goals to Go
Show Time
Continuing Education
Speaking Out
Its a Wrap Lists

 170 page book – ISBN 978-0-9702441-0-

$19.95 + Shipping and Handling