College Audiences Students face a dilemma today . . . the job market leaves a lot to be desired and the competition for openings is greater than ever before! What will you offer your students to become competitive in the job market? What else can they do to ensure a bright financial future?

Sharyn is known for her ability to engage the audience and motivate them to challenge their beliefs and conquer what has held them back from achieving the goals they have set in the past. Entrepreneurs and Employees alike will find renewed enthusiasm for their achievements.

Educate & Entertain Sharyn Speaking at Stanford University talking about her progression from main frame computers to teaching herself html. She shares her concepts of utilizing one's experiences and passion to become a published author.

Inspire Audiences Sharyn has captivated audiences from every walk of life from corporate to private; religious to law of attraction and everyone in between. She has a unique message which will bring you the results you want for your audience. If you're looking for a special program, contact Sharyn today!

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