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You'll never speak for free again! All of your promotional talks will yield you more than you can imagine. Every time you speak, it's a new product. Everyone you know who has a skill or talent, you'll learn how to create a new product. You'll learn how to generate your own products or choose from the amazing resources to have the products produced for you. This program includes audio and a workbook.

Getting Speaking Engagements
You have no idea how easy it is to build your business through speaking in your business community. When you go out of your way to help others through your skills and knowledge, you become well known as a positive resource. This program will show  you how to structure an interesting and productive speaking presentation. You'll learn how to create a professional image as a speaker and what groups are best suited for your industry. This program includes audio and a workbook.

The is the only course you'll ever find that is a complete program that takes you from create titles that will have more people book you as a speaker, learn how to create a delivery that will have people stay engaged in your presentation, create an image that will make you look like a professional speaker and how to go from speaking free to earning a fee for your speaking. This is a complete comprehensive program and includes a manual to help you accomplish your speaking goals. The program includes 12 CD's and a complete workbook

Speaker's Journal
One of the things that helped me when I started speaking in 1992, was to keep a record of the experiences that I had while speaking. This journal will become your record of what went right and what you'd like to do differently the next time. You will be able to collect testimonials, remember what you wore the previous time and even the size of the group and what they were the most interested in. It includes quotes from the most famous orators of all time.
Handmade Journal 

Speaking on Cruises
I love working vacations. I stumbled into this wonderful 10 day Jamaica/Panamal and became hooked on speaking on cruises. I try to get in one every year. It isn't as difficult as you might think. I've outlined the entire program so that you can learn how to get yourself booked as often as you'd like. I even outline the tops that cruise lines are looking for to make it easier for you to be in demand. This program includes audio and a workbook.


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