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I started studying Physiognomy in 1995. I was fascinated by the accuracy of being able to look at someone's face and know whether I should talk fast or slow; stand near or far; give them volumes of information or just the facts and be able to gauge whether they made decisions based on current information or their previous experiences. Just by looking at their face.

I became fairly adept at recognizing these traits and being able to develop a quick rapport with people I would meet at chamber of commerce functions or while I was speaking. It gave me the ability to be comfortable enough to engage people whom I otherwise might never approach.

I turned this into a sales course for my entrepreneurial education program and the results were amazing! I had clients who increased their sales 50%, 100%, 500% and even one who increased his client base 1200% in two years and went from a close ratio of 1 in 8 to 2 out of 3!

I am all for a sense of economy and anything that helps others learn how to become more efficient in their business attracts me to learn more.

Over the years, many people asked me to write a book and so, finally, here it is!

 196 Page Book 

A Woman's Rite to Passage
This is a journal for women that includes inspirational quotes from women who have made a difference with their life. These quotes inspired me to write about my impressions to their quotes. 

 My life's journey is chronicled and describes the effects of the encounters that have molded me throughout the years. Writing this journal covers a span of 14 years. 

Includes blank journal for you to commit your earned wisdom for the generations that will follow you.

Hand bound journal. Write your impressions from life experiences.

Be Your Own Boss Guide

When the going gets rough, the tough get creative! If your job search is not what you want it to be and be bank account dwindling day-by-day, then it's time to start looking at how you can control your financial future. It's a simple process once you know how to match your personality with your learned skills and create the kind of relationships in your business community that will have you profitable before you know it.

This is a complete guide to your marketing plan, time management, record keeping, sales techniques and relationship building.

What You Need Now Is To: 

  • Create a more ENriched life for you and your family 
  • Build a highly profitable business 
  • Start from scratch with little investment 
  • Learn to control your income 
  • Inspire and influence others by example 
  • Discover your ideal business based on your personality traits 
  • Rake in thousands of dollars doing what you love to do 
  • Captivate your client base with your personality 
  • Develop relationships in your community 
  • Become a leader in your community 
  • Get 50% of your business referred to you

  • Increase your business skills regularly 
    252 page book 

    Create Your Own Reality

    Lose all the weight you want, 
    fall in love with your soul mate, 
    make millions of dollars . . . 
    How can you make all of those self help books actually work? 

    Create Your Own Reality 
    The Ancient Wisdom

    . . . is an uncanny guide to help you shed the years of suppression, being misled or trying to deal with the circumstances of life that has appeared to hold you back from the miracles you deserve. 

    Learn how you can design your perfect reality! 

    22 page book 

    Fire Your Boss

    If you're resisting taking control of your destiny, it may be because of the most self sabotaging, most insidious reason of all. 

    This is the same reason that has robbed you of the Joy, Happiness, Honor, Relationships, Fame, Wealth, Leadership and Expertise you know you have always deserved … as well as any other human virtue you can think of. 

    It’s the one fear that raises its ugly head whenever you want to learn something new, or when you push yourself to master what you need to  know. You know what I'm talking about because you face it every day. 

    Can you guess the “two word” silent Thief I'm talking about? 

    It’s not a person.  It’s not a place.  It’s not even a thing. 

    It is the human condition that shows up in your life with an intention to protect you, but in reality it repeatedly robs you of getting what you want and even worse, to want what you have… 

    I'm talking about your “Comfort Zone.” 

    You may turn your life around by simply living everyday pursuing your passion and turning it into you life work.

    2 hour downloadable mp3 file 

    Just Over Broke Syndrome

    If you are tired of working for someone who doesn't appreciate your skills and loyalty or you just can't seem to get by financially, then this book is for you!

    There are more than 100 ideas for a business you can begin using your innate skills combined with your personality and discover the perfect business for you. Most of these businesses can be started with less than $2,500 and have you earning more than $50,000 your first year.

    There are 125 bonus ideas included, so you will be able to find the perfect venue for you!

    This is dedicated to the more than a million employees who are subjected to the nightmare of being downsized, right sized and ostracized in the United States this year!

    252 page book 

    Making a List & Checking it Twice
    What Singles Need to Know
    Are you tired of making up just to break up? 
    Do you try to convince yourself that all the good ones are taken? 
    Have you ever thought about the choices you've made in your past relationships? 
    If you could be in a supportive unconditionally loving relationship, would you make the effort to learn a new process for choosing your ideal mate? 

    P.S. Why wait one more day to discover how you can attract your perfect mate? Order your book now!

    122 page book

    Neuro-Emotional anti-Sabotage Technique 

    This book is designed to help you find the resources to remove every negative emotion you have ever been exposed to by your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, relationships, church, media and all others exposures everyone of us is bombarded with over our lifetime!

    These negative inputs keep us from living the live we deserve. The keep us from being who we are meant to be and chain us to a sense of false reality which never supports us in our path to living a fulfilled life.

    You can let go of the fear of flying, speaking, meeting new people, finding the love of your life, crossing a bridge or even simply discovering your true passions in life!

    You will finally have the tools and techniques to be who you are meant to be!

    122 page book

    Single's Spotlight by Designed Dating's 

    Is something missing in your Love Life? 
    Then you need to hear what 21 dating advice coaches,  relationship experts, & best selling authors had to say….

    We recorded interviews with 21 top dating experts asked them questions and got great strategies and ideas that you can hear and start using right away. We got them to spill the beans on what works. They share their personal ideas, advice, stories, and strategies with you. All these interviews are available now on mp3. You could take these hour-long interviews and listen to them on your computer, burn them to a cd, or play them on any mp3 player. If you are looking to hear how you can turn your love life around, this is the right place. This is about developing a greater awareness and learning how to  choose what you would like to experience.

    23 CD Audio Programs 

    U, Inc.

    Why are some people successful while others seem to have a lifetime struggle? Why are some so tired and others always energetic? Why are some people always going from one relationship to another with the same excuse each time?

    The average person in this country reads one book a year. If you read one book a month, listen to one educational or motivational CD every month, you would be 12 times better prepared than the average person.

    Invest the time and resources in yourself; the return will be amazing! 

    1 hour Audio Program 

    1271 Washington Avenue #228 / San Leandro CA 94577

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