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Mixing It Up!
The Entrepreneurís New Testament 
         Networking is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to build a business. Yet most entrepreneurs miss out on the opportunity of networking for two reasons. They aren't aware of it or they have a fear of walking into a room filled with strangers to mingle with them. 
         You will learn how to: 
      •  Turn fear of strangers into enjoyable experiences 
      •  Build a Power Partner network for referrals 
      •  Grow your business faster by speaking about it 
      •  Develop business while minimizing the stress 
      •  Gain control of your quality of life issues 
      Chapters Include: 
      • Preparing for the Event 
      • Power Partners 
      • Attending with a Purpose 
      • Following the Source 
      • Legendary Leads Groups 
      • Business Etiquette 
      • Optimum Organizing 
      • The Tune of Your Fe 
      • The Platitude is Attitude 
      • Your Community 
      • The Goals to Go 
      • Show Time 
      • Continuing Education 
      • Speaking Out 
      • Its a Wrap: Lists of Organizations
 3 hour class
 $150.00 per person minimum 10

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