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The Master Plan
    The 9 Aspects of Successful Business Operations 

         The workbook is designed to take an entrepreneur from any stage of their business to many levels of progress. Examine your business skills, your philosophy and implementation: 

          •  Budgeting 
          •  Cash Flow 
          •  Personnel 
          •  Personnel 
          •  Productivity 
          •  Profitability 
          •  Profit and Loss 
          •  Marketing 
          • Record Keeping 
          • Sales Skills 

         You will be able to determine how to create a business that will go beyond survival and stimulate a thriving business regardless of any economic situations.  
         Make the puzzle fit by learning how to improve your skills one step at a time, while keeping the balance in your business and your personal life. You'll discover how to determine what you feel makes you successful.  
         There are many definitions of success:  
    Spending extra time with your family 
    Increasing the size of your company 
    Acquiring additional businesses 
    Delegating all the tasks that you'd rather not do 
    Building an empire 
    Creating abundant wealth 
    Being more organized 
    Mastering business skills 
    Becoming recognized in your business community 
 3 hour class
 $150.00 per person minimum 10

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