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Sharyn on Opra

Annie Jennings
Annie Jennings PR's clients include many of our country's most influential best-selling authors, experts, national speakers and corporations. Our's is the PR company of choice for many companies, entrepreneurs, major publishers, prominent speakers & best-selling authors who want to achieve maximum exposure for their book, product or message. 
Many of our authors are New York Times Bestselling Authors and major contributors in the areas of fitness and health, relationships, finance, investment and much more. 

Annie's interview content with me is "How to Sell Back of the Room" 

Annie's interview content with me is "About Face" 

Create Your Own Reality
Manifesting the Positive with Leila & Stu
We explore the concepts of accepting a reality that doesn't suit what we truly want in our lives.We look at the potential of challenging status quo and offer concepts that will get you to make choices to live your life on purpose.


What are you waiting for? To have you boss let you go? That is just plain wrong! The process requires only taking one step at a time and within a short period you will be in control of your life and be able to Fire your Boss. 

Entrepreneur Doctors
Maria and Ray, 'The Entrepreneur Doctors' PhD Candidates (Entrepreneurship) are a husband and wife team with a shared vision and mission i.e. To live a highly rewarding life by empowering Entrepreneurs and small business owners in building their own mini-conglomerates with no employees, low overhead, minimal risk and mega profits! We have focused our doctoral studies and our entire life on this purpose and are dedicated to sharing our advice and our associates expertise in the process. This site serves as a main portal to our many products, services, tools and resources you will find helpful in your quest for professional growth and development. 

Fire Your Boss
This is based on the concept that you should make the plans and instigate a method to walk away from the job that controls your life. Only one in eight people in this country do something to earn their income that they enjoy. 

That is just plain wrong! The process requires only taking one step at a time and within a short period you will be in control of your life and be able to Fire your Boss. 
FYB audio

Intend Balance
Joseph Giove is a mind-body wellness coach, corporate trainer, professional speaker and successful entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years he has inspired thousands of people to thrive... to live fuller, healthier and happier lives. As a biomedical engineer and clinical hypnotist, he has developed a unique approach to mind-body wellness and performance optimization, which applies both to individuals and groups. Joseph has appeared on Legal Incite Talk Radio and teaches Continuing Legal Education courses for California attorneys on emotional distress and addiction control. Joseph has worked with many fine organizations such as Pacific Telesis, Cooley Godward LLP, San Francisco Bar Association, Nez Perce Indian Tribe, Lewis Clark State College, Calico Center and Renaissance Club Sport. 
Intend Balance audio
Joseph's Website

J.O.B.S. Just Over Broke Syndrome
Sharyn's inspirational presentation for those who have been downsized and find themselves looking for an alternative to being subjected to the anguish of loosing their job, income and self-esteem. 
JOBS audio

Success Tracks
Jerry Straks is the founder and CEO of Petra Consulting and Coaching, Inc. It is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and senior managers create a sustainable, results-oriented culture based on the attitudes, behaviors, and skills of sustainable leadership. We provide leadership coaching, training and consulting services to organizations that know they need leaders, not just managers, to remain competitive in today's fast-paced world. "You snooze, you lose!" has never been more applicable at the top levels of modern organizations.
Jerry's Interview

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