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7 Techniques to Thrive in Any 
One thing is for sure. Some people thrive while others struggle to survive. The 7 Techniques to Thrive in Any Economy is an absolute proven method that has taken thousands of clients to a level of success they never imagined.
About FaceTM
The study of physiognomy is an ancient science that teaches people how to recognize how specific facial traits reveal how people process information. Imagine being able to customize your conversations to be specific for how each person needs to hear conversations. You can finally begin to understand how people process information.
About TimeTM
The one thing we never have enough of is Time! Have you ever wondered why some get more done than you do and they always seem less stressed? Well, you will know how to join the ranks of those who know how to control their time!
This includes a workbook to help you identify exactly what your priorities are and how to accomplish more in less time.
Blogify Your Business
Anyone in business these days has to have a blog. It creates credibility and allows your followers to know what you're up to and you train of thought. I'll break this down for you and make it easier for you to feel like you know exactly what you're doing from the very beginning.
Come to Order
The time you save by being organized is priceless. It is important to your success to learn to establish a system that will keep you organized. The more organized you are the more  time you'll have to market your business. This program details every aspect of your business including record keeping, filing systems, email and many more areas that can be wasting your time.
Creating Products
Anyone who is serious about their business has to speak in the business community. Once you are speaking, you have to have products to sell or leave behind. This series of Video and Audio programs will make it easy for you to learn how to create your products with a professional look.
DeCoder RingTM
There are many methods of developing new business, but there are few that work as effectively as the precise techniques that the DeCoder Ring will teach you. If you've ever struggled with your business, this program will teach you the integral steps that will have you turning a larger profit very quickly.
ezines Made Easy
Writing your own ezine is easy, but making it look like it's professionally prepared is not so easy. You will discover the easiest methods to create the best looking ezine you've ever done.
Face It . . . Social Media Tactics for Profit
We can't escape it! Social media is an essential component to our business success. The challenge is that there are so many sites and it becomes overwhelming trying to keep up with which one you should do and how to keep up with what you should be doing. You will learn to use the most popular sites and how to keep it simple!
Sharyn Speaking at Stanford Meetup
Pocket Business PlanTM
The main reason business plans are not effective are because they end up in a drawer or on a shelf. The Pocket Business Plan will show you how to keep the important details of keeping track of all your important details within reach so you can advance your business according to your individual plan.
Podcast Made Easy
Adding Podcasts to your website and Blog will raise your search engine recognition while giving your audience multiple choices in how they can keep up with and connect with you on a regular basis. 
Mixing It Up! 
The Entrepreneur's New TestamentTM
This is one of the most comprehensive concepts you'll ever find. This is a detailed guide for you to learn how to make a positive impact on the growth of your business. 
Your business community awaits your expertise and you will learn how to develop relationships that will gain you as much as 50% of your business being referred within six months!
You will learn what organizations will be a wealth of resources for new clients and how you can avoid expensive advertising and surpass you most challenging competition.
The one thing that you can do to earn an average of 40% more than your competition is to speaking in your business community. The challenge is how to get started. 
This program will take you through a 10-hour program covering every aspect of making speaking easy, over come the fear of speaking, write titles that are enticing, create a delivery that is engaging, branding your self as a professional speaker, creating back of the room materials and going from speaking free to earning to dollar fees. 
This is one of the most comprehensive programs ever developed to create your speaking techniques.
This program includes 12-CD's and workbook.
Street Smart SalesTM
If you would like to improve your sales statistics and create a dramatic increase in your close ratio, then this program will guide you through a 10-hour series of techniques. 
You will learn how to recognize personality traits over the phone and in person so you can learn to talk with your prospect in the style that they are comfortable with. You will diminish your prospect's resistance and learn to build strong relationships very rapidly. Go from approach to close in half the time!
Teleseminar Techniques
If you'd like to build your database more rapidly, conducting teleseminars is one of the easiest methods to do so. You will learn each technique from how to structure the teleseminar, engage an audience and capture the teleseminar to create products.
Twitter Twice as Easy
One of the many benefits of using Twitter is getting your name in front of your followers with one 140 character message. You will also learn how to use Twitter to update your websites and blog,
Website Edits 
How may times have you wanted to update your website but had to wait for your web master? You will learn how to update your site as easily as editing a word document. This includes the software you'll need.
Your Right to WriteTM
Everyone has at least one book in them. But it seems like a daunting process to create a book. This 10-hour series will break down the process so you can have your complete book within six weeks. 
You will learn how to overcome writer's block, access your creative right brain and develop the resources to get your book out into the world fast!
The program details the steps it will take you to sell more books in each month than most authors in one year!
This is a 12-CD program and includes a workbook.

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