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     This is a compilation of 24 business workshops presented by the talent available in Elite Leads. You may choose any six of the following CD's listed:

0104: About Face by Sharyn Abbott
The art of Physiogomy or interpreting faces goes back to Aristotle in 500 BC, but it was notarized by Judge Jones who realized that the true innocent had specific facial features. Imagine being able to tell how to structure your conversation with people when you first meet them to suite their comfort. You could eliminate their discomfort immediately. 

0204: The Focus Factor by Thornton Prayer

0304: Please Come to Order by Mary Sommerlad
0404: Lead Resources by Jim Fagan
0504: Inspired by Pat Obuchowski
0604: Simplified Action by Michelle Kempton
0704: It's in the Writing by Craig Eubanks
0804: Embracing Change by Beata Lewis
0904: What's Holding You Back? By Ted Lane
1004: Connecting the Dots by Warren Boschin
1104: Mixing it Up! by Sharyn Abbott
1204: Winning the Internet Marketing Game by Jerry Hart
0105: The Goal is to Thrive by Irene Marshall
0205: Attraction Marketing by Caroline Masters
0305: The Best Source by Vivian Groman
0405: Breaking Through Corporate Barriers by Fred Lezak
0505: Top Ten Reasons Businesses Fail by Jerry Straks
0605: Introducing the Big Bang by Sunil Bhaskaran
0705: Resilience by Mark Thurman
0805: Power Presentations by Karen Walker-Tunoa
0905: Inspired to Inspire by Marc Peters
1005: Brand This: The Value of Integrated Marketing by Ken Madsen
1105: 7 Techniques to Thrive by Sharyn Abbott
1205: Read a Face Like a Book by Naomi Tickle 
0206: The Time Machine by Serena Fuchs
0306: Tools for the Trade by Brenda Montgomery

6- CD's of Your Choice
Includes handouts ISBN 978-0-9702441-4-7

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Making a List & 
    Checking it Twice
Mixing It Up!
Speak Easy
Speaker's Journal
Street Smart Sales
Your Right to Write
Woman's Rite to Passage

About Face
Business Series
Create Your Own Reality
Mixing It Up!
Speak Easy
Street Smart Sales
Your Right to Write

Create Your Own Reality
Expose Yourself
The Leading Edge
Making a List & 
     Checking it Twice
Mixing It Up!

The Master Plan
Speak Easy
Street Smart Sales
Your Right to Write

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