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One of the most challenging skills authors must learn is the ability to sell their material  to their audiences. This guide will help you develop the skills and comfort while increasing your income drastically.
Blogify Your Business
Anyone in business these days has to have a blog. It creates credibility and allows your followers to know what you're up to and you train of thought. I'll break this down for you and make it easier for you to feel like you know exactly what you're doing from the very beginning.
Book Marketing Campaigns
Congratulations on completing your book! Now the fun begins. You will learn the integrate details of what it takes to create a successful Book Marketing Campaign. You will be astonished at the simplicity in creating a rewarding campaign.
Booking Radio Interviews
You're not an author until you're on the radio. It is typically more difficult for author's to do their own marketing. This program will break down the steps you want to master and make it an easy task to boot!
ezines Made Easy
Writing your own ezine is easy, but making it look like it's professionally prepared is not so easy. You will discover the easiest methods to create the best looking ezine you've ever done.
Face It . . . Social Media is Here to Stay
One of the many benefits of using Twitter is getting your name in front of your followers with one 140 character message. You will also learn how to use Twitter to update your websites and blog.
Independent Publishing
Since the announcement that publishers are no longer accepting manuscripts, it is now mandatory for you to dig in and learn about the indy publishing world. You'll not only learn how to got about publishing your book, but you'll reap the rewards of retaining 80% of the book purchase price.
Podcasts Made Easy
Adding Podcasts to your website and Blog will raise your search engine recognition while giving your audience multiple choices in how they can keep up with and connect with you on a regular basis. 
Teleseminar Techniques
I love producing teleseminars. It is a great excuse to get to know someone who is related to your expertise and hone your interviewing techniques simultaneously. The only equipment you'll need is your telephone.
Your Right to Write
Everyone has at least one book within them. Whether it is about your expertise or your life. It might even be of someone else or situations that have shaped your life. But one thing is for sure, if you want to stand out in the crowd, having your own book will do that for you. In business environments, your book will put you ahead of your competition.
You will learn each of the components of writing your book in as little as three weeks. 
This is a 12 CD series and a workbook

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