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About Face: Read People's Faces
The art of Psysiognomy, reading people's faces began with Aristotle and became more well known in the US in the '30s when Judge Edward Jones in Los Angeles utilized the techniques to analyze thoe who appeared before him in his courtroom.

Here are a few of the easier facial traits that you can begin to practice with when talking with your friends and clients. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to make people comfortable, engage them in your presentation and have more fun while you're speaking
About Face  Audio
About Face Facial Recognition Tips

About Time
The one thing that we never have enough of is time. Over the years I have developed a number of systems to become more effecient. I bring in a time management specialist every other year and have them analyze my work routine. Over the past 15 years I have been able to apply techniques from the best of the experts. This program includes an audio and a workbook.
About Time  Audio 
About Time Workbook

Getting Speaking Engagements
If you haven't discovered this yet, when you speak in your business commmunity you can gain credibility, get more visibility and more business through referrals than any other resource, and through the least amount of time of anything you can do.
My mentor took me to lunch to a Lion's Club in Walnut Creek in 1992 and as we were finishing our lunch he leaned over and told me that I was the speaker for the day.
This would not be the recommended method of starting your speaking career by any means, but rather than let him down, I got up and spoke for twenty minutes. I was terrified, yet today, the one thing that I have the most fun with is speaking. It allows me to share my knowledge and encourage others to improve their profitability and create more longevity for their business.

Getting Speaking Engagements Audio 

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