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The art of Physiogomy or interpreting faces goes back to Aristotle in 500 BC, but it was notarized by Judge Jones who realized that the true innocent had specific facial features. Imagine being able to tell how to structure your conversation with people when you first meet them to suite their comfort. You could eliminate their discomfort immediately. 
Here's an example of what you can know about someone the first time you meet them: 

      • Balance and Proportion: 
      • Left is mother 
      • Right is father 
      • Left brain father 
      • right brain mother 
      • Upper zone: hairline 
      • to eyebrow = inherited 
      • intellectual faculties 
      • Well developed = bright 
      • resourceful, success 
      • but must be accompanied 
      • by wide ears 
      • Narrow = face adversity 
      • Middle zone: eyebrows to 
      • tip of nose. Well developed = 
      • adventurous spirit; proud 
      • Small= accepts what is 
      • Long = w/rest of face long = noble 
      • Well shaped = long life 
      • Lower Zone: tip of nose to tip of chin 
      • Broad = affectionate; very broad = pass
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